SteriPure's main active ingredient, D-Oxy, a stabilised form of Chlorine Dioxide gas, was first applied in European drinking water in the 1950’, as a pre-oxidant to remove iron and manganese contamination from raw water prior to treatment. Today, applications for Chlorine Dioxide in water disinfection are being driven by the ever stricter requirements of WHO standards, and associated national regulations that restrict the levels of harmful Bromates, Trihalomethanes (THMs) and other chlorinated organic compounds that are permitted to be present in drinking water supplies. Chlorine Dioxide water purification is an effective solution for THM reduction and SteriPure is the simplest, most economical way to make water safe to drink.

Water treatment within 30 minutes

SteriPure kills all bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi and reduces most of the heavy metals in the water within 30 minutes.

Zero Residue

SteriPure works directly onto the viruses and the microorganisms and evaporates straight after eliminating them, leaving zero residual: taste, odour and chemical free.

Eliminates Bio-Slime & Algae

SteriPure is the only formulation on the market to target bio slimes and algae.

Kills all Viruses and Bacteria

SteriPure, unlike any other conventional disinfectant in the market, penetrates the cell walls of bacteria and destroys their DNA from inside out, leaving them denatured and unable to respond or develop resistance.

Tablet Form

Innovative effervescent soluble tablet form which allows for storage optimisation and ease of application.

Chemical pH

SteriPure, unlike chlorine based water treatment products, is not affected by the pH of the water.

*Recommended to be used in conjunction with any of the filtration system suggested by our professionals

  • Storm Water
  • Urban Stored Water
  • Rural Areas Water Treatment
  • Agricultural Stored Water
  • Caravans & Camping Water Tanks
  • Yachts & Ships Water Tanks
  • Boreholes Water Tanks
  • Water for Irrigation or Harvesting in Agriculture
  • Horses Drinking Water
  • Food Processing Water
  • Water Treatment for drinking purposes in remote Mining Sites
  • Municipal Water Treatment

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SteriScope range of water soluble tablets is a wide spectrum virucide, bactericide, fungicide, and algaecide. It is used as a disinfectant and steriliser with a wide range of applications including hard and soft surfaces, food, personal care, animals, textiles and air.

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