Our solutions are formulated to eradicate viruses with 100% effectiveness

2020’s Coronavirus and resultant COVID-19 pandemic brought into focus the vulnerability of businesses, economies and populations to rampant viral outbreaks with high transmission rates.

Effective eradication, ease of application, non residual and staining as well as correct certification of products used are non-negotiable.

  • 100% anti-virus
  • 99.99999% anti-bacterial
  • Development protection
  • Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, Algae, Spores, Mold
  • Resistance development proof.
  • Effective within seconds.

Our employees, customers and communities require protection from each other with sanitised spaces and contact surfaces.

  • COVID-19 Eltura / SteriScope guarantee
  • Antimicrobial solutions for human traffic areas and surfaces.
  • Sanitise, disinfect, deodorise in 1 application
  • Global certification ISO14001& ISO9001

Our range of products turn sustainability challenges into corporate advantages with cutting edge and future proof solutions for any industry.

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