SteriScope is the only virucidal disinfectant in Africa tested and proven to kill Corona Virus / Covid-19 according to European Standards.

SteriScope is formulated to eradicate 100% of viruses and 99,999% of bacteria, spores and fungi.

SteriScope virucidal disinfectant effectively and quickly kills viruses and pathogen micro-organisms through oxidation with complete workplace safety and no environmental contamination. SteriScope prevents the development of resistance of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Lockdown prevention

SteriScope is suitable for any contact surface in any public or privately accessible areas. SteriScope ensures that your business will play no part in contributing to future lockdowns.


SteriScope has uses against contamination in public and private buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, shopping malls, hotels, vehicles, parking lots & taxi ranks, aircraft, trains, buses, mines, factories, farms and production facilities.

Cost Effective

Since the active ingredient inside SteriScope is highly concentrated, the tablets form provides superior dilution ratio, which makes the finished product highly cost effective and exponentially reduces storage and transport costs.


Revolutionary effectiveness with User friendliness. SteriScope is available in concentrated tablet form ensuring transport and storage efficiencies of up to 1000%

SteriScope range of water soluble tablets is a wide spectrum virucide, bactericide, fungicide, and algaecide. It is used as a disinfectant and steriliser with a wide range of applications including hard and soft surfaces, food, personal care, animals, textiles and air.

Once you add the SteriScope tablet to the appropriate container filled with water, the water activates the SteriScope Technology within the tablet. The tablet dissolves within 20 seconds and creates a dissolved gas, namely D-Oxy, in the water.

D-Oxy is a stabilized form of Chlorine Dioxide which kills all viruses, bacteria, moulds, spores and fungi, then evaporates, resulting in a zero-residue surface disinfection or sterilisation.

SteriScope is a selective oxidiser therefore it does not affect the tastes or flavours of food and is safe to human and animal exposure (provided that it is used within the prescribed concentrations).

  • Sanitation
    is another word for cleaning. Both words have the same meaning: removing visible contamination and dramatically lowering the number of germs (pathogen species of bacteria) on an inanimate or living surface. The germs are not killed but temporarily inhibited or prevented to reproduce. Reduces the overall parthenogenic microbes on a surface, thus reducing the chances of getting sick.
  • Disinfection
    is the destruction of 100% of viruses, and 99.999% of bacteria and fungi. Proper disinfection leaves a surface highly unlikely to transmit infection or cause disease. Disinfectants normally have a more focused and specific use against certain bacteria, viruses, and disease. Disinfectants require a “dwell time” to be effective, meaning they must remain on an inanimate or living surface for a certain period of time to be effective.
  • Sterilisation
    is the complete destruction of all microscopic life on a surface. Hospitals use sterilization on surgical tools. Chemical sterilization is too hazardous for most of the industries.

A disinfection process works as follows: when bacteria realize that they are under threat they release, as a defense-mechanism, chemical compounds into their surrounding environment (surfaces, water, skin, etc.). These chemical compounds are called THMs (Trihalomethanes).

THMs are therefore by-products of disinfection: they have been proven to be environmental pollutants and they are considered carcinogenic. They are also responsible for the changes in the tastes or flavors. Furthermore, when bacteria recognize that they are under threat, their DNA mutates, and they eventually develop resistance to the specific disinfectants.

Contrary to the conventional sterilisers and disinfectants, the SteriScope technology inside each tablet penetrates the bacteria cell wall and destroys it from the inside out, before it has had a chance to respond, mutate and release THMs. Viruses are eliminated in a different way: chlorine dioxide reacts with peptone, a water-soluble substance that originates from hydrolysis of proteins to amino acids. Chlorine dioxide kills viruses by prevention of protein formation.

SteriScope is a perfect replacement for chlorine: it has all of chlorine’s benefits without any of its drawbacks. Most significantly, SteriScope does not chlorinate organic material, which results in significant decreases in THMs, HAAs (Haloacetic acids) and other chlorinated organic compounds, by-products of a conventional disinfection process.

EU and Bureau Veritas certified, NRCS registered as virucidal

SteriScope is tested and certified against Corona Virus according to European Standards EN 14476 & EN 16777, Bureau Veritas tested and certified as disinfectant including medical instruments and NRCS registered as virucidal disinfectant. Its active ingredient D-Oxy, a stabilised form of CIO2, has been approved by the EPA and USDA for disinfection and for food and water, uncut unpeeled fruits and vegetables, animal enclosures, hospital and dental environments and as one of the chemical compounds to be used against the Coronavirus COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2.


Safe to spray on or near food. Does not affect colours, textures and flavours . No rinse required. No residue.



Kills 100% of viruses and 99.99% of bacteria, mould, spores and fungi (including listeriosis, cryptosporidium and parvovirus)



SteriScope is the only formulation on the market to target bio slimes, algae and mould.



SteriScope is the only range on the market which visually indicates whether the liquid solution is still effective.



SteriScope, unlike any other conventional disinfectant in the market, penetrates the cell walls of bacteria and destroys their DNA from inside out, leaving them denatured and unable to respond or develop resistance.



SteriScope works directly onto the viruses and the microorganisms and evaporates straight after eliminating them, leaving zero residual: taste, odour and chemical free.


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