Dust Act

Dust-Act, through seven years of experience in engineering solutions for dust suppression on mining plants, is the only company in the continent who truly understands the complex dynamics of dust generated by raw material and has its own R&D department to offer the industry with the latest cutting-edge technologies available on the market.

Airborne dust suppression must be customised in order to be effective. It requires years of experience, extensive research, know-how and innovation to meet the unique and site specific challenges.

At Dust-Act we specialise in the designing, engineering and installation of airborne dust management systems. We are also the only company in South Africa that manufactures our own misting cannonsĀ (Dust Blusters). This not only enables us to tailor make the equipment to the design, but we are also able to deliver it at a fraction of the import costs.

Our proven dust control products and environmental services work their magic on:

  1. Crushing plants
  2. Transfer points
  3. Tipping points and tippler areas
  4. Hoppers
  5. Screen houses
  6. Conveyors & Chutes
  7. Stock pile & loading areas
  8. Casting areas and furnaces
  9. Haul roads